Porn Model

Mia Khalifa

Huge star with a petite body… Mia Khalifa is one of the generation-defining talents of her era! Her career launched into superstardom once Mia became known as the “hijab pornstar.” Obviously, her decision to don a religious headdress for porn shoots was bound to cause some major controversy, but Mia felt like she was more than able to weather the storm. To this very day, people still applaud her bravery for never backing down or caving in. At one point, she was the number one pornstar in the world according to search data – she was able to surpass such industry legends as Julia Ann, even!
Mia was born in a city they call the Paris of the East, Beirut. Soon after her birth, her parents decided to relocate to the United States. Unlike many other women that you see in porn, Mia actually got her degree, so she’s not only stacked but also highly intelligent. The big-breasted pornstar claims that she prefers clever guys that are into gaming. One of the most remarkable features of this woman is her height. She is extremely petite (5 ft 2 in), which only makes her appearance even more memorable.

As unbelievable as it might sound, Mia first got the idea of pursuing a career in porn after a creepy remark by a random-ass dude. Here’s what actually happened: she was working at the drive-thru and one of the greasy regulars asked if she ever thought about doing porn (since she’s so, y’know, pretty). Mia was probably grossed out in the moment, but that question got her thinking….mia-khalifa/. The rest, as they say, is history.